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What is a Construction Planner?

We work with you, the Homeowner, as your Agent starting with your desired result and working backward. We use our experienced team of architects, contractors, and vendors, or with a team of your choice, to develop a design, construction plan, budget, and timeframe.

We work with the final team of professionals to supervise and implement the project from start to completion. The cost of our service is partially absorbed by the contractors and discounts from vendors on finish items, as well as diligent shopping and design. We act strictly in your interest and our final bid, including our fee, is usually in the same range or lower than a contractor or design-build company.

Why hire a Construction Planner?

Planning and living through any Construction Project, no matter what size, is very stressful. Homeowners seldom have the amount of time actually needed to plan and oversee a Construction Project. A mediator can clarify individual needs and desires, separate the heart from the pocketbook. They can help make choices between contractors and vendors, set up a schedule that works for all, but allows some realistic flexibility for construction work flow , inspections, deliveries and installations.

After starting work, communication often breaks down between the homeowner, their contractors, designers and other vendors through mis-communication or misunderstanding, or being unable to make contact when desired. The Construction Planner is invaluable in these situations to restore confidence, correct minor misunderstandings, clarify situations, negotiate changes, lodge complaints and implement desired corrections.

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Construction Planners, an upcoming project management firm, we provide specialized support to construction industry as Project Managers.

Being an active participant with the construction industry for last 26 years, we have tried to analyze the pitfalls of the Indian construction projects, and have hands on experience to overcome the inefficiency of the contractors and vendors.

It has been observed that there is a slot for fine tuning the project planning and execution with the aid of Project Management Techniques which can considerably improve the performance of project execution pattern, by which one, can avoid bumpy rides, unwanted surprises and have a smooth landing. 

We not only specialize in achieving the time lines but also the quality issues are taken care off.  The safety issues of site with contractors are of essence to us and each and every aspect of safety is looked into during the execution of the project.

Through our leak proof contract conditions we also ensure that no unwanted claims are logged by any agencies to harass others. Our transparent reporting system to the client and regular follow-ups with vendors ensure smooth delivery of the project.

We specialize in residential, farm houses, industrial and multistory buildings. Our strength is taking care of the project from concept to finish. Every care is taken to provide a smooth and enjoying experience to client during the construction period.