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Construction Planners offers you one stop solution for Interiors/Renovation of Houses, Flats and Offices



1. Interior 3D Design shall be created for the space @ Rs 20 per sqft ( Minimum charges Rs 5000/-).

2. Estimate shall be provided for the Design Free of Cost keeping in mind the material to be used as per your budget.

3. Contractor listed with us shall be deputed to execute the work. A contract between client and contractor with scope of work, rates and payment terms shall be executed.

4. Overall coordination of the work shall be carried out by Construction Planners for a nominal fee of 5% of the cost of Project . The client may or may not opt for this service.

5. All Running Bills shall be verified and vetted by Construction Planners. Payments to contractors shall be made as per Bills approved by Construction Planners.


Interior/Renovation/Remodeling can be undertaken for complete project or even one room.


Usually the interiors in residences are carried out by unorganised sectors with no planning and vision. You tend to start the work with some fancy ideas from google without knowing where you may end up.

Unorganised sector would quote some price at the start of the  work but during execution and till the end of the project, you tend to overspend by atleast 100%.

Our quotes for the work are accurate to 95% from the very begining to the end unless and until some major addition is done during the course of the execution. Our qualified engineers work out the quantities and scope of the work to be executed, so that you do not have big surprises at the end. Our designers take into account the lighting, colour scheme and budget as per requirement of the client.

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Construction Planners, an upcoming project management firm, we provide specialized support to construction industry as Project Managers.

Being an active participant with the construction industry for last 30 years, we have tried to analyze the pitfalls of the Indian construction projects, and have hands on experience to overcome the inefficiency of the contractors and vendors.

We specialize in residential, offices farm houses, industrial and multistory buildings. Our strength is taking care of the project from concept to finish. Every care is taken to provide a smooth and enjoying experience to client during the construction period.

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