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Reinforced Concrete tips

Some Procedural tips are don't follow shop drawings blindly. If you suspect an error in reinforcement detailing, look for verification. Mistakes can happen.

You can use calcium chloride in reinforced concrete without fear because it does not cause corrosion of the steel. However, do not use calcium chloride in concrete in which copper pieces are to be embedded. Also, provide chairs for reinforcement in slabs. Reinforcement does no good at the bottom of the slab. Use ties between legs of support chairs more than 4 inches in height. For floor slabs in which the soffitt will be an exposed concrete ceiling, don't use rebar supports that will corrode. Also, stagger reinforcement splices so that several planes of weakness will not converge at one point in the structure.

Finally, don't bend stirrups and ties around pins having a diameter of less than 6 times the minimum thickness of the bar except for bars larger than 1 inch.

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