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 Post Construction Phase in Project Management

A project isn’t complete until the last nail is correctly hammered and the last administrative task has been performed. This phase includes such activities as:

Final Inspections

Prepare Certificate of Substantial Completion signed by Owner, Contractor and Construction Manager
Conduct preliminary walk-through with Contractor and Owner’s Representativ
e to generate final punch list items, concerns, etc.
Review and approve final punch list items when completed

Project Administration

Attain all Lien Releases from sub-contractors, equipment rentals, and material suppliers
Attain final sign-off on City Permits
Attain Contractors Affidavit of Payment of Debits and Claims for signed and notarized by the Contractor
Obtain all applicable Contractor and Manufacturer warranties and/or guarantees

Project Close Out

Approve final progress payment to Contractor upon receipt of all necessary final documents
Obtain final owner sign off that all items have been satisfactorily completed
Approve final retention payments to Contractor within thirty (30) days after completion of project

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