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Our New Project

Joe's Restaurant, Gurgaon

Our New Project

Joe's Restaurant, Gurgaon

aerial View of Our New project

Wish You All a Happy New Year

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Pitfall #1- Failure to Obtain Proper Licensing

Pitfall#2- Failing to Clearly Define and Document the Scope of Work

Pitfall #3- Failure to Properly Develop a Schedule

Pitfall #4- Failure to Properly Manage the Crew

Pitfall #5- Failur…

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 Post Construction Phase in Project Management

A project isn’t complete until the last nail is correctly hammered and the last administrative task has been performed. This phase includes such activities as:

Final Inspections

Prepare Certificate of Substantial Completion signed by Owner, Contractor a…

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A Very Happy Diwali to All

Shubh Navratri

PMC activities

Project management is composed of several different types of activities such as:

1. Analysis and design of objectives and events
2. Planning the work according to the objectives
3. Assessing and controlling risk (or Risk Management)
4. Estimating resources
5. Allocation of resources
6. Organizing the work

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Tip of the day

The water–cement ratio is the ratio of the weight of water to the weight of cement used in a concrete mix and has an important influence on the quality of concrete produced. A lower water-cement ratio leads to higher strength and durability, but may make the mix more difficult to place


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Brick Laying Procedure

The art of bricklaying is to have a clean face to the bricks, plumb and level in a straight line from end to end. To achieve this you must first have a corner at each end of the wall built to an even gauge - plumb straight and square.

Bricklaying Courses

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Reinforced Concrete tips

Some Procedural tips are don't follow shop drawings blindly. If you suspect an error in reinforcement detailing, look for verification. Mistakes can happen.

You can use calcium chloride in reinforced concrete without fear because it does not cause corrosion of the steel. However, do not u…

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House Builder's Tip

Assign your construction job neither to a relative nor to a friend. It's rather complicated. The essentials such as Agreement and Contract tend to be ignored. Your credibility and relationship may elude.
Advantage: Keeps your relationships intact.

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Safety Precauations Before Digging

Be aware of overhead obstructions and underground utilities, including electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, telecom, etc.

Definitively mark or warn of overhead lines or low clearances. When digging, call Dig Safe or whichever agency has jurisdiction. Continue to use caution even after unde…

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Construction tip of the day

Never rush through any projects or circumvent your developed saftey habits.  Make sure to plan ahead, take precautionary measures and use propper protection when working on a project.  REMEMBER SAFTEY COMES FIRST!

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